Building Management Systems

Chris Cleave
Head of Department

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BMS Control Systems

BMS or BEMS is an automatic control system that works behind the scenes in a building to not only give the required conditions for the occupants, but to do so in the most energy efficient way. The system controls or interfaces with aspects of the building that affect the comfort and safety of the occupants and also the energy usage. Examples of this are:

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Lighting Control
  • Security and Access systems,
  • Fire systems
  • Utility Metering and Energy displays

The system can (if specified) display current energy usage and provide historical data, with graphs and charts. Correctly installed and maintained BMS systems are proven in reducing the building’s energy consumption.

Our Approach

Our customer loyalty is achieved from our ability to be good listeners and to deliver practical, easy to operate solutions that are both economical and flexible; tailored to your specific requirements.
Our engineers will support you from initial concept through design, panel build, installation, commissioning, client training and project handover. We can provide full support and PPM packages if required for that added ‘peace of mind’.

Control Panel Manufacture

Our HVAC and BMS Control Panels are built in our own workshop by our team of skilled engineers.
We have a range of standard panels that we build for specific customers, but the majority of our panels are bespoke, built to design, fully tested at our works and delivered to site. If required our field-based engineers can install the panel, containment, BMS controls field wiring and components. Alternatively, we can supply an easy to understand single line controls wiring schematic to enable the correct field cabling to be installed prior to our commissioning visit.
We also provide a ‘build only’ service to clients who prefer to design and supply their own drawings.
This allows our clients complete control over design and panel build.

Installation & Commissioning

We have our own team of BMS commissioning engineers allowing us to deliver a complete BMS package to our clients. This gives client confidence as we are fully involved from inception to completion and are present on site to advise and assist with any client required tweaks or additions. After completion of commissioning we can carry out staff training and issue full O&M manuals to ensure a smooth handover of the clients new investment.

Onsite Control Panel Modification & BMS Upgrades

Our Site Technicians have 30+ years’ experience of HVAC and BMS control system design and a proven record of onsite working to ‘add to’ or ‘replace’ existing controls. Where clients are looking to improve energy efficiency, where downtime is critical or to increase the life of an existing system, it is not always cost effective or practical to remove old equipment and replace with new.
We have upgraded existing step controller HVAC panels and added BMS controllers with remote GSM access to many older HVAC installations in the Retail Market, always ensuring that our works are non-intrusive to guarantee continued Business operation. We have also replaced all internal controls in BMS panels with water damage caused by flood or water leaks.